About Us

Norway´s oldest and largest brand on backpacks for schoolchildren
Beckmann history begins in 1946 after long years with war in Norway. Olav Beckmann is a young man with a creative mind and a good idea. He starts working with different projects until he finally has enough money to continue with his idea, in the early 1950´s.

“Backpacks! The children need good backpacks for school!”
The production started up in the living room at the Beckmann family’s house. They drew models, fitted and sew. And backpacks were being tested on their own and neighbourhood kids. Accuracy and quality were important values. By the start of the 70s the classic leather backpack was born, and the sales began to soar.

We carry on with the legacy

We are proud to take Olav Beckmann´s business idea one step further. Every day Beckmann works to find the right materials and optimize functionality and design so that you will continue receiving the quality that you expect from Beckmann.
Children´s backpacks live a tough life. It is filled with heavy books and wet gym clothes, being tossed around in the schoolyard and used as a sitting pillow throughout the school year. Therefor it is important for us to tell you that every backpack from Beckmann undergo strict controls and has been thoroughly tested before it lands on your back.
Beckmann backpacks are designed to relive back and shoulders. The backpack feels lighter because of the lab belt, chest strap and carrying system that transfer the weight to the hips.
Knowledge should be easy to carry. The legacy of Olav Beckmann remains our cornerstone. Beckmann aims to make the best backpacks for schoolchildren in the world, and our goal is to make you a happy customer.

You should be proud to wear a piece of Norwegian history